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Mia Mac returns with an avant garde vocal piece birthed from a prayer. Inspired by Gregorian chant, Invincible was trasformed from a piano composition into a vocals-only arrangement that captures the celestial ambiance of this very personal piece.

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the AFTERSHOCK is here!

Singer-Songwriter and Producer, Mia Shelly Mac, returns with a war song on the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina.

"Aftershock was not originally inspired by my experiences as a 'child of the storm.' It was a therapeutic endeavor following a breakdown that I envisioned would lead me to my breakthrough. As I interrogated the patterns of despair in my life, I rediscovered my strength. If I made it through the storm before, surely I'd make it through again. Aftershock is an affirmation, a way of speaking life into myself, a reminder of where I've been, and a compass pointing me to where I must go."

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Swinging into Sistas: The Musical!

Hey Ya'll! I'll be swinging into Sistas: the Musical on July 11th and 12th in the role of Gloria!

"After a matriarch's death, the women in the family clean Grandma's attic and find love and old memories packed away, and in the process, hit tunes that trace the history of black women, from the trials of the 1930s through the Girl Groups of the 60s to the empowerment of the 90s. Songs include "Oh, Happy Day," "Mama Said," "I Will Survive," "Tyrone," "I am Not My Hair" and "A Woman's Worth."

Sistas: the Musical, the story of African-American women through Top-40 music, is produced by 3-time Tony winner Hinton Battle, written by Dorothy Marcic (writer of "RESPECT: The Musical," which has played in 20 cities), and directed by Kenneth Ferrone." 

Visit SistasTheMusical.com for more details about the show!


Welcome to the launch of MIA MAC MUSIC!

It's been years in the making. It took me a while to feel out the direction I wanted to take in order to brand and re-brand myself. Because I do so many things --acting, singing, dancing, teaching, writing, etc.--I needed to create a space that represented ALL of me, and not just the fractions of a vast personality. I am still MIA, I am still HUMAN, and I am still HERE. Stay tuned for updates and information regarding upcoming performances and appearances. 

With love and blessings,